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Needs Assessment For A Free Cost Estimate

The following form is designed to collect information about the current state and planned scope of your project. It will help me provide you with an accurate Cost Estimate and should take between 5-10 minutes to complete. I will contact you by email or phone without delay. I look forward to talking with you!

Contact Information

Basic Information

Domain of this current site
Briefly describe the purpose of your project
How urgent is this project?
What best describes your budgetary situation for this project?
What budget range has your organization has set aside for this project?

Describe Your Project

What tasks do you want visitors to your site to be able to accomplish?
Approximately how many pages will the website contain?
Approximately how many pages will the website contain?
Do you want to make sales online?
Will you need a database?
For what purpose(s) will you need a database?
Please specify any information on your site that be changing frequently.


Do you anticipate maintaining and/or updating the site yourselves?
What aspects of the site do you anticipate maintaining?
Will you need digital image editing? (includes adjustments, resizing, web compression) Anticipated number of images that will need editing:
Will you need a photo/picture gallery? Anticipated number of total images in gallery.
If you are planning on using Flash in any way, please describe.
Will you be needing a blog?
Will your blog need comments?
Will your site need a members login or admin login? (i.e. do you need to restrict access to certain information or activities?)

Hosting and Other

Have you already purchased a domain name?
Have you already purchased a hosting account?
Do you need email address that use your domain, e.g.
Do you already know what programming languages or server OS you would like for your project?
Do you know of a site or sites that have visual or functional aspects that are similar to what you want for your project? Please list them below, and indicate which aspects.
How did you hear of Pixel Earth?
Is there anything else you want to add that hasn’t been mentioned here?