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Freelance Web Developer: Enterprise Applications & Business Websites

I build Web Applications and Websites. I have 24 years of experience in the field and use leading edge tools and technology.

I'm currently accepting projects and would like the opportunity to bid on yours! I'm available for hire on an hourly basis or by retainer. Describe your project online for a free quote, or contact me directly to schedule a consultation.

Enterprise-Level Applications

I build robust, secure, Test-Driven web applications custom-tailored to your budget, objectives, and Value Proposition. My prefered toolkit is the Ruby on Rails MVC framework.

I have a broad skill set, developed over 24 years in this ever-changing field. Hiring me will bring the following valuable skills to on your project, all "under one hood":

  • Application development
  • Client-side development chops (jQuery, etc)
  • Server-side API development
  • Linux server administration
  • 26 years of graphic design experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML5, CSS3, standards-based markup
  • Ruby Community collective code libraries

Business Websites

I leverage the power of Wordpress, a full-featured Content Management System which empowers the small business owner. Your productivity will soar with high-level control over your website:

  • Add your own Pages
  • Control your own Content
  • Manage your own Navigation Menus
  • Upload and magange your Images
  • Choose from many free Designs
  • Publish your thoughts with the built-in Blog
  • Increase your traffic with built-in SEO
  • Enjoy simple, portable Web Hosting
  • Go Social with Page and Blog Comments
  • Extend your reach & functionality with Plugins
  • Commission Custom Plugins
  • Commission Custom Themes

Get a Free Cost Estimate!

Would you like a ballpark estimate of what your project will cost? Take a moment to fill out my Needs Assessment Form.

Professional Relationships.

Since 1997, with clients both locally and further afield, I have been establishing long-term business relationships rooted in technical skill, professional reliability, good communication and mutual respect. At work, as in my personal life, I value human relationships, strong communities, and ethical endeavors.

This model has allowed me to gather valuable institutional memory that numerous organizations have come to rely in addition to my trade as a web developer and designer. The internet age is exciting time for business and for humanity, but it is daunting for organizations to keep pace. Having an skilled and powerful ally on your side to negociate these tricky waters is essential.

I am certain that I can be that powerful ally for your organization.

Work Style.

Most of my communications with clients these days is done remotely through Skype or a similar service. I am available to meet face to face in Portland, Oregon with the caveat that I do travel at certain times of the year. I work iteratively, on an hourly basis or on retainer, for a fixed period of time. As a rule, I do not take on projects with a fixed cost without a very detailed Project Specification. I tend to keep a 'traditional' work schedule and confine my working hours to weekdays.

I am usually working on several projects at any given time. If your project requires the traditional 40 hour work week, this type of availability should be explicity confirmed and a retainer secured. Scheduled meetings are most likely to be in the early afternoon. You can take a look at the entire development process for more details.

Web Development.

Web-based user applications can bring your organization into closer productive contact with its audience & clients. They can also take over certain repetitive tasks in your organization like monthly reports, email notices, & credit card processing. I enjoy developing web-based applications that make organizations more visible, accessible, interactive, and more efficient.

Still not sure about the difference between 'web design' and 'web development'?

Web Design.

Your web site is your organization's first impression, your "virtual" persona on the web. Your organization will benefit from a website that is clean, sharp, professional, well-organized, intuitively navigable and highly maintainable.

I have worked hard honing my visual aesthetic and enjoy bringing this to bear in the websites I create. I work with every client to create a design that reflects the organization or company's identity, personality, and core values.

If your organization's "virtual appearance" doesn't reflect the caliber of its professionalism, or quality of its services, please contact me.

Let's work together to insure that the quality and professionalism that you have off-line, is reflected on-line.


In my work I have a strong preference for Agile Programming models and Open Source tools and platforms. I take interface design, graphic design, cost-effective service choices, client relationships, data security, & marketing very seriously.

When not working I do a lot of social dance (Swing, Tango, Salsa), and play trombone in a Jazz band. I'm enjoy learning languages (I worked for years as a language teacher and medical interpreter - actually, I have a masters degree in Language Acquisition), eco-friendly living, world travel, and long romantic walks on the beach.