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Web Development Skill Set

Since my start in web development in 1996, I've amassed a skill set that allows me to serve clients in a wide range of domains. Below is a list of some tools in my toolbox, along with star (*) strength rating out of 5. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to give a general indication of the ground I'm familiar with.

The information age is fascinating and has transformed our lives and relationship in unprecedented ways. However the landscape of this new world changes constantly and quickly, making it increasingly hard for the average technology consumer to keep pace with new developments and tools. The situation presents even more challenges for professionals who also produce these tools. Staying current and well-versed in the vast array of tools already in use, and those continually emerging requires a special dedication.

Thankfully I truly love this aspect of my profession, and my bookshelf is frequently restocked with manuals on the latest technologies. Fortunately, each project I complete invariably requires me to learn and apply new skills. Because my clients rely on my decisions, I have made a conscious dedication to increasing the breadth of my skills as part of my daily work schedule.


Web Services

  • Amazon Services
  • Server / System Administration


    Coding Tools/Editors

    Graphic Design, Photography, Audio Tools


    Standard Fare:

    Other Skill and Experience

    The following skills might be special assets on specific projects.

    Language / Inter-cultural

    I spent many years in the language field as a teacher and interpreter. One of my undergraduate degrees is in French, and I have a Masters degree in Language Acquisition and Education.