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Benjamin lieb

software engineer · manager · mentor · designer · educator · linguist


  • Software Engineer, Manager, Application Developer, Mentor
  • Passionate about UI, UX, and design
  • Happy on the whole stack, happiest on the front end
  • Entrepreneur with active & profitable web products
  • Years of experience in private consultancy, & on corporate teams
  • Owner of Pixel Earth web development


Engineering Manager, Founding Engineer, Threadable Books 2023-
  • Transitioned applications developed by an outside agency, to in-house
  • Hired and built an internal entineering team
  • Converted internal waterfall SOW planning to modern Agile methods
Engineering Manager, Staff Software Engineer, Wilderness Travel 2021-22
  • Oversaw all technical aspects of engineering
  • On-premises databases, data syncing, accounting systems
  • 4 web applications, SEO, staging servers
  • Continuous Integration CCI, roadmap management
  • feature architecture, bug management
Engineering Team Lead, Staff Software Engineer, Wilderness Travel 2020-21
  • Led standup and team meetings
  • 3 direct reports, Senior, Junior, Designer
  • Primary point of contact with management to architect new features and chart roadmap
  • Designed and built extensive features for two additional Rails apps: an internal custom CRM and
  • Built payment processing into our CRM
  • Undertook large database reorg and refactored data model and UI to suit
  • Built custom image CRUD with S3, custom slideshows, improved caching strategy, stale submission data strategy
  • Modernized an old invoicing system
  • Require our team to start writing tests
Lead Software Engineer, Wilderness Travel 2018-19
  • Built (sole engineer) a greenfield Web Portal (Rails/React) to connect clients, trip leaders, outfitters, and staff. All back end, front end, design, dev ops.
  • Portal managed documents, images, post-trip questionaires, surveys, and automated email reminders, invitations, applications, etc
Senior Software Engineer, Lead French Language Curriculum Developer, Chatterbug Language Learning, 2017-2018
  • A small new startup by the founders of Github
  • Contributed to inflected word variations modeling
  • Hybrid role of software engineer, linguist, curriculum developer
  • Built tools and visualizations that improved curriculum developers' ability to grow and chart curriculum progress
  • Created interactive language exercises, spaced repetition content,
  • Collected and integrated multimedia content for curriculum
Senior Full Stack Engineer, Public Library of Science, 2015-2016
  • Built web software to manage the submission, peer review, versioning, and publication of scientific papers
  • Rails, EmberJS, Javascript, SCSS, Rspec
  • Ported live authentication, user management, and search systems into separate micro-services
CTO, Lead Software Engineer, Designer, Owner, 2008-now
  • Rails application, DB and server admin, UI, testing, payment processing (
  • Search, discovery, data model, educational interfaces, audio recording, extensive CLI video editing
  • In 2014 I bought out my co-founders and assumed their roles
  • Videography, filming, video editing, lighting, instructor relations, contract writer
  • Added payroll functionality, subscription service, marketing, data analytics, tax preparation, LLC management
Freelance Web Developer for 15+ years for diverse clients,, 2002-now
  • Developed bespoke web applications for private clients
  • Assessed need, estimated project costs and timelines, drafted and negotiated contracts
  • Project management, RFPs, project bidding interviews, SEO, marketing, spec writing
  • e-commerce, invoicing, tax preparation, customer relations campaigns
  • Examples of projects include - the medical language interpreter network for western NC, an Android application for Tango Instruction,
  • Exs: Online store for gem sculptors, a calendar-based city event list, Flash AS3 animations
Developer of Online Courses, Institute for Distance & Distributed Learning, Virginia Tech, 2001-02
  • Preserved the lectures and classes of retiring professors
  • Recorded audio, video, transcripts
  • Developed web applications and Flash modules for the University
  • One of the first of its kind, IDDL (now TLOS) offered online courses for credit
Manager ATECH Computer Integrated Classrooms, Virginia Tech, 1998
  • Integrated costly emerging technologies into specialized classrooms for faculty and students
  • As manager I guided users in how to get the most educational benefit from emerging web and software technologies
  • Evaluated & installed new software, monitored systems, built the ATECH website, manage distribution of borrowed equipment
Technology Lab in the Humanities Internship, Virginia Tech, 1997
  • I worked with humanities students 1-on-1 to learn and apply emerging technologies to their work
  • The emerging tech of the time were scanners, digital cameras, digital graphic design
  • web sites, discovering internet resources, burning CDs/DVDs, accessing CD-ROM based resources, "hypertext" literature, laptops, security, etc