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Book Review: Engineering Management For The Rest Of Us

Book Author: Sarah Drasner

"Engineering Management For The Rest Of Us" by Sarah Drasner is a comprehensive guide, offering rich insights and strategies for individuals who aspire to become excellent engineering managers. Drasner, an accomplished engineer and engineering manager, aims to bridge the gap between technical expertise, managerial skills, and relational skills, helping readers navigate the challenges of leading engineering teams.

A Quick Summary of "The Manager's Path"

The book begins by establishing the importance of engineering management and dispelling common misconceptions about the role. Drasner emphasizes that engineering managers play a critical role in fostering collaboration, promoting growth, and aligning technical work with organizational goals.

Throughout the book, Drasner addresses key aspects of engineering management, providing actionable advice and real-world examples. She covers topics such as effective communication, building and maintaining high-performing teams, providing feedback and mentorship, and navigating organizational dynamics.

Drasner emphasizes the significance of empathy and emotional intelligence in engineering management, highlighting their impact on team morale and productivity. She provides practical tips for cultivating these skills, such as active listening, understanding individual motivations, and fostering a culture of psychological safety.

In addition to interpersonal skills, "Engineering Management For The Rest Of Us" also addresses the importance of technical proficiency. Drasner explores strategies for staying up-to-date with technological advancements, aligning technical work with business objectives, and balancing managerial responsibilities with maintaining technical expertise.

The book also delves into the challenges specific to remote and distributed teams, offering insights into effective remote communication, building trust, and maintaining team cohesion in a virtual environment.

Furthermore, Drasner dedicates a section of the book to self-care and personal growth as an engineering manager. She emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, managing stress, and continuously developing one's skills and knowledge.

"Engineering Management For The Rest Of Us" is written in a conversational and accessible style, making it easily digestible for readers with various backgrounds. It serves as a valuable resource for aspiring and current engineering managers who seek practical guidance and best practices to excel in their roles while positively impacting their teams and organizations.

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